Saturday, October 27, 2012



Such a long day for me, after sleeping only 4hrs.. it was time for work....

Also had an indoor soccer game which was very very,VERY tiring. haven't played soccer for a year and it was very nice to get to play again. The day wasn't over yet, we planned to visit AG22, ohh yes, party time... this time with Jen.

at 2.15am, we decided to go to Insonmia... yes thats how crazy we are, drove all the way from flic en flac to grand bay because it was PARTY TIME!

Sadly, the party didnt end so well.... someone bumped his vehicle into my car... Left back door :(
My poor car, nothing could be done.... but its fine.

This day was all for you, i hope you had fun. i will miss you so much =(

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