Friday, May 3, 2013

To you, piece of shit

You were never here for us, never here for your daughter who loved you so much even though you were never here for her. You've betrayed us like no one else did, you picked them over you're own family, your brother, your mother and father and again us, your children. Is this forgivable? To me never. maybe to other. Its so sad to be where we are, but i'm glad to say that we are better off you.
I've accomplished something that you'll never be, being the man of the family.

I really don't mind you not being here for me, but for your daughter who loved you so much, needed you... You broke her heart, she always needed a man in her life, she thought you could be the Dad she always wanted, but sadly you don't even know the meaning of being a Dad. I personally think you suck.

You even had the courage to tell her that you were better with them than us, what kind of man says that to his kids? Don't you have a heart? Do you even care? And nowadays, you tell people that we've rejected you? Please, think before you talk. You had a choice in life, you picked the one you thought was right and you have the courage to say we rejected you? Come on, you're such a F***ing idiot.

You'll never be the man i used to look to, you'll always be a no one to me.. Its like you never existed.
For once, i can say im glad you're out of our life. You don't deserve our love, you don't deserve anything from us. We aren't suppose to take care of a man who never took care of us. You're the supposedly called Dad, and you're kids have to talk care of you? Go think about it and tell me.

I am a member of the Yew-Hin Family forever, its not gonna change... Sadly the community know me as your son which i am ashamed of. People sometimes ask me about my dad, its like lying to them. I don't even know you, i don't even trust you. How am i suppose to consider you as my dad?

Today will be the last day i'll call you "Dad". I hope we never meet on the street or anywhere. But if we do, be assured that i won't be talking to you. Its like you never existed. You're greedy asshole that only thinks about himself, you buy stuff you can't even afford. You have no heart nor even respect for you ex-wife and kids. Go F*** yourself please.


This guy who will treat you like shit,
Yannick =)

Those last days

I'm really glad i got to talk to you again, felt good, felt happy. I never thought we would be able to talk again and I'm glad everything is okay between us.. we used to be so close, and we're still are.
I would like to thank you for being such a good friend to me lately. You put a smile on my face everyday, and its also so fun to talk you. I wish you were here so that things could be more enjoyable.
Even though i did mess up before, you talked to me like nothing happened. This fear of talking back to you left the second you replied, and im really glad i tried.