Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thoughts in words.

I do realise that i tend to focus on others well-being before myself. I do not do it on purpose, its like a natural thing for me. Friends & Family always go before me. I do not hesitate to spoil or help those I cherish, and never expecting anything in return. Its been who i am now and who I've always been.

Every time i think about it, every time i do something. This may sound selfish but, I do realise that I could have done that for myself. I could have spent that money for myself. I could have save it for myself. But its always too late.

I do not know if this has to change. Do i really have to change? make this drastic change. This part of me must be gone? Am I being selfish? Am i doing things right?

There's only a handful on people on this planet that i would do anything for them, like ANYTHING. But some i think get too much importance, i think i do give them too much. I try to give them the attention they need. Nothing wrong with them, its just me. i do care too much sometimes.

Will i be able to change this part of me?

My thoughts for today.

Things happen for a reason.

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