Sunday, September 28, 2014

mixed feelings.

You were my First for everything, my first true love, my first kiss, my first everyday. I hold onto so many memories about us. And cherish them till the end of my days. You were one of the best things that happened to me in my life, at that time, you were the one and only. The one true thing to me. Then the unexpected happened, it all ended in an instant. I was mad at you and myself for such decisions. I was really mad at myself, because i thought i wasn't doing things right for you, i wasn't good enough for you. I always thought you deserved better than me. Honestly, i thought you were too good for me. To me you were perfect, the perfect girlfriend, the perfect person to share my daily life. You were my everything.

Then I just realized that you just celebrated your anniversary together with that guy. Don't get me wrong, but if my math is good, around 3 years ago, we did actually just broke up?

I'm not mad at you for finding someone who could do better than i did, i dont blame you for finding your love one. We just didnt belong together. I'm actually glad you found someone, honestly.

I'm just disappointed that you turned the page so fast, as if the years we shared together never existed. As if it didn't mean anything to you. I am disappointed at myself for taking so long to turn the page, yes it took me that long to get over it. I've blamed myself for months, for years, that I fucked it up. I guess i was wrong. Your favorite quote "Things happen for a reason", now i know the real reason.

Things said, I hope that you are really happy now.

Sometimes, things you're not suppose to know about just appear out of nowhere.

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