Friday, November 2, 2012


Goodbye Lil sis,
I never felt so close to a friend and im really sad your leaving.  I couldn't say goodbye properly to you and its eating my from the inside,  i have so much things on my mind that i felt i should have told you even you might already know them, so much emotions stuck into me.  I feel heavy and uneasy,  all i needed was some mins.  But you decided otherwise.  My heart aches.

So here i go,  you will miss me so much,  never felt this since i left the girls i liked before.  You were good to me and i cant thank you enough for it,  words aren't enough to thank you and i Thought a hug would do it.  Please take care of yourself since i wont be there to do so.  Tears are dropping and i can't stop then,  i didn't think it would actually happen.

Please be good and be good to others like you always are.  Also,  live up your dreams because you deserves whats good.  We had fun during your stay in MU and i won't forget any of them,  i will cherish those memories till i die.  I'm feeling so sad,  really. You're a sunshine, a shinning star and a good friend. Thank you for allowing me to live this adventure together with you.

I do respect your choice and i wish you all the best.  Come back to us safely, and lets keep in touch.  Thank you for some Positivity in life and for the sunlight.

This hug was important to me,  so ill keep it for next time hopefully. 
There is more things i could have said maybe but right now, i cant think properly.  Again,  i will miss you so much 'mama'.

hopefully this post will  help me.

-tear drops-
Much love,


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