Monday, September 16, 2013

The One and Only

Ive been thinking over and over again... Since my break up.. I haven't dated anyone.. All I did is keep falling for girls, im guessing its something bound to happen... Ive actually fell for like three girls since then... All of them, unavailable, all of them taken and all of them far away... They are all out of my league, but ive kept thinking and there is only one i cant get out of my head... We had our rough time and still, till now, mean the world to me.. I know 'us' is impossible, i know we will never be... Why is it so hard to get over you? Why do i still keep hope knowing that it is impossible... WHY? I still dont know why you mean so much to me. I thought i did move on, but it seems that part of me still likes you. You are still special to me although we arent what we used to be. I still have this butterfly effect in my stomach thinking about you, seeing you. Help me get over you.. Did time help? I wouldnt think so.

I am sorry for everything i did to you.
And i hope one day we'll meet again.

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